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MADE Design Studio | MADE, with love.
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MADE, with love.

“I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue. ” – Elizabeth Gilbert

I am an artist. Pause a moment. I am many, many things…all colors of the rainbow + hues in-between…My chemical composition + the way I look at the world is creative in it’s nature. In the words of Lady Gaga (sing it with me), “Baby, I was born this way”…at least I think. Whatever the case, it took me 32 years to define myself as such. Now, is it necessary to label myself or attach this definition? No, not really but society expects something + that’s what I have as an offering. Honestly, to be able to use my words + say, “I am an artist” means a great deal. As a young girl, I wasn’t exactly encouraged with my aspirations in life. My perceptions were not conventional + success wore a different outfit from the one that I was wearing. In the beginnings I was very shy. In school I would freeze when I had to speak in front of a classroom. My teachers thought that I was a terrible student + so, I adopted that thinking. Gradually, what others thought I was is what I became + it’s where I would look to find myself, in others.

Two things I discovered + loved: Drawing (in my childhood) + collaging (in my adolescence). The act of making allowed something real, something honest to flow through; it was an outlet. Being too young + naive to fully trust the process, I wasted a lot of time chasing potential alternatives rather than investing in what was already pre-existing within me. These choices were not entirely empty hearted but they were not coming from the archives of my being. Of course, this living never lead me anywhere. It was in my later twenties when I decided to go back to school for graphic art; a choice my heart strongly stood behind (a time when self love blossomed). This experienced changed the course of my life + helped me live in a more purposeful way. It brought out the artist in me.

As a result, moving through the day to day, doing what I do, I have fine-tuned my art making by uniting it with science. Graphic design is an combination of the two disciplines. It is a creative field that investigates + problem-solves. I hold a great appreciation for the craft + pursuing a path in this field is more than gratifying. Furthermore, working with others who are pursuing their own goals, objectives + ambitions is more than fulfilling. It’s an invigorating realm to within.


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